2 Critical Questions to Ask Before Designing Any Feature

Designing a feature of a web application has always been the most exciting thing to do for me.

However, initially it came with its own share of worries. I always found myself thinking:

  1. Will the users find the feature useful?
  2. Did I design the feature correctly?
  3. Will the users understand how to use the feature?
  4. Do the users need this feature?

And many more questions kept hammering my mind.

But now that I have a fair bit of experience designing some of the complex features that are used by other businesses to get their daily work done, I have noticed couple of things that I find myself asking often before I sit down to design any feature.

  1. How many users will use the feature and
  2. How frequently the feature will be used

These two questions have redefined the way I have approached web application design over all these years.

What I have realized is that you don’t have to design all the features the same way. Every feature has its weight when it comes to being useful to the users. And these two questions help to weigh the features properly and design accordingly.

Let me go into details of each of these.
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Conceptual Model – The Critical Part of Web Application Design

Conceptual Model

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